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Beachside Luxury is Best

Friday 21st September 2018

In an ideal world every holiday should be luxurious, given the long hours and how hard we work these days, let’s face it…. we all deserve a bit of pampering at least once a year, right?


What luxury means to one person can be very different to another. Luxury can come in many forms from luxurious interiors and high-end creature comforts to knock your socks off, once in a life time five-star opulence.


That said, there are a few features that a holiday home must have to be classed in the luxury category.


One of the most important is the proximity to the beach or sea views (well, it is for us anyway). For a family the distance to the beach can change the whole feel of your holiday. So having direct beach access is pretty much top of the luxury list for us.


There’s a big difference between a 10 minute walk to the beach carrying all your beach gear compared to opening the back gate and stepping onto the sand, a luxury that may cost a little bit extra but will definitely be worth it.


If the beach house is wildly opulent inside and enjoys sea views… then we guess a 5 minute walk can be forgiven… as long as there’s a swimming pool!


And when the weather is not so conducive to a dip in the ocean or a swim in the pool, a hot tub is absolutely essential. Ideally it will be a hot tub with sea views which is large enough so you can spread out with a convenient space to rest your glass of bubbly!


Other essentials include smart TV’s and sound systems plus loads of space… and if the sky’s the limit when it comes to price, there are private beaches, concierge services or even a private chef to whip up a gourmet spread.


So next time you're deciding which luxury holiday cottage to rent… do yourself a favour and make sure it's on the beachfront!