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Five Family Friendly Things To Do in Kent

Monday 20th May 2019

Kent has an eclectic coastline bursting with natural beauty, historic sites, seaside fun and beautiful beaches. Here are five of our favourite places to visit in Kent.


If you’re planning a family holiday in Kent then treat them to an indulgent day at Dreamland, which guarantees festive fun for every member of the family. Entertainment here comes in many forms, from live music and classic fairground thrill rides to amusements and shows.


There is even a roller disco for the teens and a soft play area for the tots. The authentic street food is affordable and fun and you’ll love the choice of bars and restaurants. Check out the events during holiday times as the programme features lots of music festivals and gigs starring iconic groups, orchestras and celebrity DJ’s.


Take your partner or family to the seaside town of Dungeness, an experience that is totally unique to Kent. This vast end-of-the-world nature reserve is made up of shingle as far as the eye can see.


Here you’ll see strange nuclear power stations, up-side down boats, railway carriage homes, caravans, wooden shed homes, make-shift arty instillations and many other modern apocalyptic structures. There is a Model Railway exhibition, a marshland, a famous designer garden and random but fascinating art galleries.


Its main attraction though is the Old Lighthouse. A black tower 46 metres in height made up of various mezzanine floors linked by circular stairs which hug the walls and windows with views to be enjoyed from every floor.


A little inland at Port Lympne Reserve there is an exceptional safari experience that would entertain a family for the best part of a day. The 600 acre grounds make up one of the largest animal parks in the UK and are home to the world’s most endangered animals, all of which can be viewed from within a special vehicle.


The adventure includes an African Experience and Kentish savannah filled with a huge variety of African animals, including rhino, primates, cats and giraffe to name a few.


There is another animal park to be found in Wildwood, a reserve dedicated to over 200 native animals. This park sits amongst 40 acres of lush primitive forest. Here you’ll find Wild Horses, Arctic Foxes, Otters, Badgers, Bears and Beavers, not to mention the Wild Boar and wilder Lynx and wolves. Kids will love the adventure playground and tree-top towers almost as much as the wild animals.


One of Great Britain’s most iconic landmarks, The White Cliffs of Dover are known for their towering chalk face which has been a symbol of many a war story ever since maritime navigation began. It’s possible to take a guided tour of the three most important parts of the cliffs so you can really appreciate their historic and natural value.


There is also a hard hat torch lit tour of the tunnels hidden beneath the cliffs, which were built in 1940 for defence reasons. Finally, there is the magnificent Victorian lighthouse, a grand example of innovation and science, which was built in the place of a simple ‘guide light’ first placed within these cliffs in the 1300s.