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The Aegean Islands, as the name suggests, are a group of islands that lie in the Aegean Sea just off the east coast of Greece. Most of the islands belong to Greece and can best be described as extremely diverse, each with their own unique character, culture, cuisine, terrain and traditions. Their climates can vary too, with some tending to be more lush and green, with others more arid and rocky. That said, all enjoy a mild climate in winter and plenty of guaranteed sunshine in the summer. The beach resorts on the Aegean Islands are famous for their vibrant and romantic atmosphere, especially the islands of Santorini and Naxos with Rhodes being a great call for family beach holidays with its great choice of resorts, culture, beaches, attractions and historical sites.

Whichever island you choose to visit, one thing remains constant and that is the vast choice of Aegean Islands self-catering accommodation to rent, from romantic beach cottages with sea views for couples right up to large luxury beachfront villas with private pools and direct beach access. In between there are a host of child friendly villas suited to families that sleep from 4 to 6 people, many just a short walk to the beach with some perched on the sea front. To book one of these Aegean Islands villas you will need to contact the owner direct or property manager, most of whom offer online booking and live availability. These idyllic islands are also a popular venue for group accommodation with a number of the group villas listed sleeping 8 to 10 guests with large pools and spacious interiors, perfect for entertaining.