Beach Cottages

The Balearic Islands are made-up of a stunning group of eight main islands in the western Mediterranean Sea, just off the east coast of Spain. The most popular of the islands are Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera and as with most archipelagos, each of the islands withholds its own unique flavour of paradise. The largest, Mallorca, is perhaps the most mature and varied and offers a combination of what all the other islands have plus some more, including beautiful beaches, mountains, nature trails, cosmopolitan social scenes and sophisticated historic sites. Ibiza, although famous for the rave and club scene, also offers an almost zen-like tranquil side to its flamboyant character, including some exquisite yoga and wellness retreats. None the less, Menorca is the official 'island paradise of peace' with its quiet hidden coves and curious prehistoric sites. Last but not least is the hippy chic island of Formentera, where you will naturally fall into heavenly chill-out mode on any of its many powdery beaches and forget your previous existence.


If you’re lucky enough to be holidaying on one of the islands and are looking to rent one of the Balearic Islands villas listed here then you’ll be pleased to know that many of these holiday homes are within walking distance of the nearest beach, some with direct beach access and amazing sea views. Whether you’re on a luxury holiday and searching for beachfront villas or your budget is a touch tighter and you prefer a cheap sea view apartment then the Balearics self-catering accommodation here should suit nicely. If you’re a couple of families sharing or a group of friends on holiday, then the large group holiday villas with pools that sleep 8 or more should work. Book your villa direct with the property manager or owner once you have decided on your ideal property and start planning that beach holiday in the Balearic Islands today.