Beach Cottages

Below you’ll find a selection of cheap holiday homes in Clacton on Sea in Essex, the perfect retreat for budget coastal escapes for families with children or groups of friends. Some of these beachside holiday homes offer accommodation that sleeps up to 10 guests with well behaved pets welcome, so no need to leave your trusty hound behind. Clacton on Sea is a popular seaside resort just a short journey from London, offering an ideal seaside retreat for families, couples or groups.


Choose from beachfront holiday homes with options including direct beach access, pets welcome, free Wifi and off road parking; just a few of the features designed to make your next short break in Essex a memorable one. To rent one of these self-catering holiday lodges you can book online with the property manager direct ensuring you get the best rates possible. To see a bigger selection of affordable accommodation nearby check out all of the cheap caravan parks in Essex advertised on Beachlets, many that allow pets and enjoy sea views.