Beach Cottages

If you want to take your Cornwall holidays to the next level, then why not rent a cottage situated smack bang on the beachfront! It doesn’t really get much better than that, direct access to the beach, uninterrupted sea views, lots of seaside sounds to soak up and the added bonus of not needing to hire a car if you can help it. The Cornwall beachfront cottages listed below range in size from 1-bed boutique bolt holes, just the thing for romantic couples to shut themselves away from the rest of the world for a weekend or two, up to large group seafront holiday homes with exquisite sea views and enough room for all your friends to join you on holiday or for two families sharing.


You know it’s going to cost a bit extra to secure one of these beachfront hideaways, but you can guarantee it will turn a good holiday into a great one, certainly one that will help you relax and unwind without the need to jump into a hot car and find a park every time you head off to the beach. Just grab your surfboard, slip into your flip-flops and mosey on down to the sandy beach that begins where your front lawn ends… pretty cool eh?