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Pembrey is an historic town in South West Wales that used to overlook Carmarthenshire Bay but due to moving currents and sand it is now a few miles inland. This was a very popular Victorian holiday resort for self-catering beach holidays in Wales and its classic tourist legacy can be seen amongst the town’s current offerings. The nearest shores are those of Cefn Sidan Sands, a 10km long beach made of lovely powdery sand with lots of dunes, which attract many happy families due to its wild beauty and size. That said, the fine sand has been known to sink at times and the tide recedes a lot so kids should be well supervised. This is a fun packed and enriching holiday destination with a unique Nature Reserve Forest that sits behind the dunes and between the beach and the village of Pembrey.


The National Park promises hours of adventure for nature lovers and is a great place to visit if you're having a break from the beach for a day. This is a fabulous place to spend a beach holiday, as it’s simply beautiful in every way with plenty of outdoor activities to relish, including cycling trails, nature walks, water sports and even golf. The town is also within a short distance of many more Carmarthenshire beaches, historic treasures and coastal gems like Kidwelly, with its impressive castle and numerous architectural landmarks. Browse the self-catering Pembrey cottages near the beach listed below and book direct with the owner or property manager.