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The coastal town of Roundstone in Connemara, County Galway, lies at the foot of Errisbeg Mountain on the west side of Bertraghboy Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and is well suited to a UK holiday on the beach. Today this scenic setting makes it a very popular destination for holidaymakers as well as attracting artists and craftsmen to its stunning mountains and waterscapes. In fact there is a traditional craft centre here offering activities that are inspired by Connemara Pottery, Connemara Jewellery and Connemara Instrument making. This magical combination of arts, crafts and nature only adds to the charm of the place, which is so quaint. It's wonderful watching the local Roundstone fishermen bring in a daily catch of fish for the local bars and seafood restaurants or browsing the town's craft shops and cafés plus there are some great activities and attractions to enjoy. The nearest beaches are Gurteen Beach and Dog’s Bay which are considered to be some of Ireland's finest beaches, as their white sands are composed of pulverized seashells and resemble sugar, while their grasslands are unique to only western Ireland and Scotland. Below you’ll find a selection of holiday homes in Roundstone near the beach, some enjoying sea views ideal for couples or families with children.